80g Pack of Shetland Salt Dried Cod

Classic dried salt cod, winner of 2019 Good Food Star. The 80g pouch is designed as a taster pack or impulse foodie/tourist buy.

Thule Ventus 80g "Taster Pack" contains small cuts of the finest skinned and boned cod fillet. 

 This is perfect for:
Starter for 1 - 2 people
Main Course for 1 person
Making 1 - 3 Fish Cakes

 If you like the taste, try our 250g boxes of salt cod!

 The product is:
Portuguese Bacalhau, Spanish Bacalao or Italian Baccala
High Protein, High Quality Shetland Seafood

Caught by small, Shetland and Scottish fishing boats, landed in Shetland
Packed with provenance, including the name of the catching vessel on the pack, and details of how to track it
Stored at ambient temperatures in your store cupboard - for up to 9-months
Traditionally cured over eight weeks


For great recipe ideas, click here

To cook: Soak for no more than 10 - 12 hours to re-constitute, changing the water once during the soaking process. Slowly boil for about 20 minutes in the second soak, then change the water half way through the boil. Slow food, at its very best!

Can be frozen.

Kosher Salt (No caking agents)

As seen in the May 2016 edition of Delicious Magazine:

The freshest fish, from the cleanest sea. Caught by family-owned Shetland and Scottish fishing boats in UK waters from sustainable stocks of cod. Landed in Shetland following short trips to sea and hand filleted and lovingly salted and dried.

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