250g **New Packaging** Salt Dried Cod Fillet

Each 250g pack contains finest skinned and boned cod loin (centre cut) fillet. This makes it an ideal meal for two, or perfect for a family in fish cakes.

Traditional taste, modern convenience.

As seen in the May 2016 edition of Delicious Magazine:
The freshest fish, from the cleanest sea. Caught by family-owned Shetland and Scottish fishing boats in UK waters from sustainable stocks of cod. Landed in Shetland following short trips to sea and hand filleted and lovingly salted and dried.

Cured over 2 months and able to be kept for up to a year in your store cupboard, or frozen. Soak for 24 to 36 hours (or as guided by recipe) before cooking, changing the water twice. Slow food, at its very best!

Our sealed packs can be kept for up to 9-months in your store cupboard. They can also be frozen if you wish.

Kosher Salt (No caking agents)

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