Retailers and Catering

We are looking for stockists!

Calling all deli, farm shop, food halls, fish mongers and delicatessen owners! We’re looking for stockists. If you'd like to discuss selling our products, please drop us an email. If you’d like to stock our products, or use our fish in your menus, simply open an account with us. We will authorise you as a trade customer.

As a trade customer you benefit from:


  • Buy traditional dried salt cod
  • Buy at trade prices
      • Buy wet salted cod and coley
      • Salted for over 2-weeks with an aW of less than 0.8
  • Ideal for food service and catering trades
  • Buy 12 x 50g shelf/counter top display box
  • Subscribe to our regular order facility
  • Request any other salt, dried species
  • No minimum order, and no commitment on your part
  • Great packaging, great story, fantastic provenance and UK caught fish
  • No VAT – Delivery is included in the price
  • Excellent Mark-ups
  • 9-month shelf life
  • Pay by credit card, paypal or 14-day terms by cheque or bank transfer
Click here, today, to open your account.

Our fish is expertly prepared in small batches, in a process that takes two-months, to create unique and special seafood. There are other salt cured fish on the market, but none quite like the ones prepared by our traditional family methods, from the pristine, wild seas around Shetland, and cured with time and the pure Shetland air.  We use Kosher Salt, so the only ingredients are fish and salt... absolutely nothing else.

Whether you’re looking for Portuguese Bacalhau, Spanish Bacalao, Italian Baccala, Stockfish, Ambassade or Caribbean or African Ackee and Saltfish, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fish here. We have 50g and 250g retail packs, which have a long shelf life and are stored at ambient temperatures. 50g packs come in a retail multi-pack, ready to display box, ideal for your shelving or countertop.

We also salt and cure other fish species and can offer we salt cod and wet salt coley for the food service and wholesale sector.

See our products page for more details or contact us for a bespoke order.