260g Probiotic Brandade de Morue - Salt Cod Pate

These two x 130g pots are a delicious Shetland variation on the French classic Brandade de More. This chilled pate is wonderfully light and tasty, made with salt cod, buttermilk, potatoes, garlic, lemon, lime and rapeseed oil. 

Thanks to way we mix in the live-culture Buttermilk from Shetland Farm Dairies, our pate is packed with 100% natural probiotic goodness in every spoonful!

Click here to find out more about the fantastic benefits of buttermilk!

Thanks to Ola Oils Rapeseed Oil, our Pate is high in Omega-3

Our pate is superb with oatcakes, breadsticks, spread on toast or even grilled.

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